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After completing an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011, Walker Thisted began using Theo Wit as a heteronym when creating work related to specific sites and in order to draw a line between his art practice and critical writing, curatorial, and entrepreneurial practices. For more information visit Walker's biography HERE. Read a recent statement of intent about the practice of Walker Thisted beyond Theo Wit HERE.

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Master of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago – May 2011.
Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning – May 2007.

index of work – 2011 to present

no. 1-8
Site: Memories of New York
Medium: acrylic, glass, string, paper, found objects on board, 16” x 24”
Date: Spring 2011

no. 9
Site: The skyline of Chicago and a set of imagined spaces within visible buildings where a set of narratives unfold between individuals
Medium: set of archival inkjet prints on paper, 48” x 72” and 24" x 20"
Date: Fall 2011

no. 10
Site: moving between 925 W. Huron and 122 N. Green while thinking about the end of a long term relationship
Medium: HD digital video, 82 minutes
Date: Fall 2011

no. 11
Site: The wall of a private residence in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago that faces lake Michigan
Medium: acrylic on plaster, 20’ x 9’
Date: January 2012

no. 12-27
Site: A collection of the New York Times, a box of objects collected over many years, and a set of 7 blank panels that together form a space of memory somewhere in-between the personal and the collective
Medium: limited edition of 10 books; acrylic, found objects, personal images, mesh, mirrors, glass, frames, and clippings from the New York Times on board; archival inkjet print on paper; 22" x 33"; 144" x 72"
Date: Spring 2012

no. 28-36
Site: Highway 90 / 94 running through Chicago
Medium: oil, plaster, ink, and pigment on fabric; dimensions variable
Date: Winter 2012

no. 37-53
Site: 1335 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL
Medium: archival inkjet print on paper; digital slide projection, projector and computer; digital video; oil and acrylic on canvas; oil, acrylic, and pigment on canvas; wood, digital prints, rope, fluorescent lights, objects extracted from 1335 S. Michigan, wood, and tape; dimensions variable
Date: February 2013

no. 54-128
Site: Fulton Cold Storage Facility prior to conversion into office space, the blocks of the West Loop Surrounding the Fulton Cold Storage Facility, and the highway 90-94 that carries the majority of the goods housed at the Facility
Medium: archival inkjet print on paper
Date: Spring 2013

no. 129-134
Site: The site of the restaurant Marche, the current site of the restaurant Nelcotte, and the streets of the surrounding West Loop neighborhood
Medium: detritus and acrylic on glass
Date: Spring 2013

no. 135-148
Site: a trip between St. John, USVI and Chicago, IL
Medium: book, dimensions variable, HD digital video, found and original video
Date: June 2013

no. 149-207
Site: location of the former Hawthorne Works Western Electric Plant
Medium: set of archival inkjet print on paper, 48” x 72”; acrylic, paper, graphite, pigment, photographic prints, plaster, fabric, and wood, dimensions variable; found wood sign and photographic prints, dimensions variable
Date: June 2013

no. 208-209
Site: Hubbard Cave (a stretch of Highway 90 / 94 that is covered by Hubbard, Halsted, and Green Street as well as by a vacant patch of land owned by Pickens Kane Moving and Storage, and the City of Chicago)
Medium: set of digital photographs printed on archival paper, 24" x 36"; acrylic, fabric, wood, and found objects, 3' x 4'
Date: July 2013

no. 210 - 216
Site: Sutter's Mill, Filoli, Silicon Valey
Medium: oil on canvas, oil on board, HD digital video, 60" x 48" and 24" x 30", 8:55, 4:08, and 4:42 minutes
Date: August 2013

no. 217-225
Site: compilation of issues of the newspaper Le Temps from the year 1880 and death of Gustav Flaubert on May 8th, 1880
Medium: wood, glass, paper, fabric, book, dimensions variable
Date: Fall 2013

no. 226
Site: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (where the performance took place), Symphonic Metamorphosis on a Theme of Weber (the music to which the video was set), and Jean-Luc Godard's Histories of Cinema (the archival footage hat was used to create the video)
Medium: appropriated digital video, 20 minutes
Date: Fall 2013

no. 227-238
Site: This work does not directly address a site, but instead explores the image attached to the very wealthy men who "own" a considerable portion of the site that the majority lives within.
Medium: oil on canvas, dimensions variable
Date: November 2013

no. 239-240
Site: 1968 Democratic National Convention and contemporary Lakeshore Drive
Medium: appropriated archival film footage and original HD video, 5:18 and 4:50 minutes
Date: November 2013

no. 241
Site: landscape stretching between Texas and Chicago
Medium: edition of 10 books, 9 part screenplay, 24" x 24"
Date: January 2014

no. 242-247
Site: sidewalks of Chicago
Medium: archival inkjet print and glass tiles, dimensions variable; oil on board, 18” x 24”
Date: February 2014

no. 248-274
Site: Union Station Chicago
Medium: HD digital video, 35:30 minutes; archival inkjet print on paper; 50" x 50"; oil on canvas and wood, dimensions variable.
Date: April 2014

no. 275-279
Site: Union Station Chicago
Medium: fabric, acrylic, wood, graphite, and enamel, dimensions variable
Date: April 2014