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The practice is concerned with challenging conventions of how space is represented and how artwork can intervene in space. Each investigation creates a set of works that are intended to be re-installed at the original site or within the context of a gallery. The result is a series of works that exist between a portrait and landscape of a given site that are both representations of that site and exist in their own right as objects and propositions pointing towars a virtual site of reflection that might lead to a real change to the initial site in the future.

Work made during 2011 and 2012 is largely concerned with the relationship between sites remembered (often traced in specific objects and images) and physical sites and media on / in which those memories are explored. The formal logic is often driven by collage and accumulation over time. Exploring an underlying and often hidden or vanishing narrative threads the works together.

Work made during 2013 begin with real sites in the world rather than virtual sites of memory. Each work begins with research into the history and contemporary status of the site. From this research, an appropriate media (often more than one) for creating an expanded representation of the site is selected. The works are ultimately intended to serve as ways of revealing an invisible history in the context of an installation in a gallery.

Work made beginning in the spring of 2014 is increasingly intended to be installed on the site from which it was derived. In doing so, the work is less concerned with representations space and more with intervening directly with space while at the same time creating a framework for engaging that space beyond the specific artwork.

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