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no. 135-148

Site: a trip between St. John, USVI and Chicago, IL
Medium: book, dimensions variable
Date: June 2013
Description: Since 2006, I have returned to St. John on multiple occasions, both for work and for pleasure. The transition from whatever urban center I happened to be living in at the time to the bucolic beaches and the leisurely pacing of life was a welcome mystery. That this ease and delicate contact with nature could be the standard rather than exception to existence could never be overlooked while flying back to the city, propelled by jet fuel and the job awaiting me upon return. Upon re-founding my practice in 2013 with the intention of “reading” sites and after considering the possibility of investigating “virtual sites” while teaching a course on Global Cinema, it became clear that I’d been waiting to make something of my experience between Chicago, IL USA and St. John USVI for quite some time. In approaching the complex site existing both in my memory, as a spatial reality spanning distance, and as a trip taken each day by some unknown traveler, it became clear that this site existed, immediately, far beyond my own perspective and desire. Although I still planned on contributing video footage that I shot myself, I was primarily concerned with bringing my skills and energy as an artist to this site with the hope of opening it to the myriad perspectives that define in. My intention is that this inclusive opening will support a broader understanding not just of what lies specifically between these places, but what might potentially lie between places that have yet to be investigated. no_ 168 Pages_Page_002.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_003.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_004.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_005.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_006.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_007.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_008.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_009.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_010.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_011.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_012.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_013.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_014.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_015.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_016.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_017.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_018.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_019.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_020.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_021.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_022.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_023.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_024.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_025.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_026.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_027.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_028.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_029.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_030.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_031.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_032.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_033.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_034.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_035.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_036.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_037.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_038.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_039.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_040.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_041.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_042.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_043.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_044.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_045.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_046.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_047.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_048.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_049.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_050.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_051.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_052.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_053.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_054.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_055.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_056.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_057.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_058.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_059.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_060.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_061.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_062.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_063.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_064.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_065.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_066.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_067.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_068.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_069.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_070.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_071.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_072.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_073.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_074.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_075.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_076.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_077.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_078.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_079.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_080.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_081.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_082.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_083.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_084.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_085.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_086.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_087.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_088.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_089.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_090.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_091.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_092.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_093.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_094.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_095.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_096.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_097.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_098.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_099.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_100.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_101.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_102.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_103.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_104.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_105.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_106.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_107.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_108.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_109.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_110.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_111.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_112.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_113.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_114.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_115.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_116.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_117.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_118.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_119.jpg no_ 168 Pages_Page_120.jpg