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no. 227-238

Site: This work does not directly address a site, but instead explores the image attached to the very wealthy men who "own" a considerable portion of the site that the majority lives within.
Medium: oil on canvas, dimensions variable
Date: November 2013
Description: Many, but not all, of those chosen to be represented have engaged in dubious practices that, in some cases, has lead to the imprisonment of the tycoon. 210.jpg
no. 210 - David Koch 211.jpg
no. 211 - Henry Kravis and Donald Merron 214.jpg
no. 214 - Kenneth Griffin and Daniel Loeb 215.jpg
no. 215 - Raj Rajaratnam 216.jpg
no. 216 - Conrad Black 218.jpg
no. 218 - Steven Cohn 219.jpg
no. 219 - John Rigas, Robert Moffat, Tim Blixseth, Bernie Ebbers, and Dennis Kozlowski 220.jpg
no. 220 - Alfred Taubman 221.jpg
no. 221 - Bernie Madoff