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no. 275-279

Site: white cube gallery
Medium: fabric, acrylic, wood, graphite, and enamel, dimensions variable
Date: April 2014
Description: These works are the result of a series of drawings that evolved over the course of a year. To date, the site investigation has been driven by an investigation at the conceptual level in a narrative and language based method of investigation. These works move the investigation to a neutral ground, where the material in the abstract is the sole focus. These drawings explored the potential of a work to exist in different planes, bend between those planes, and engage in the overall deconstruction of the picture plane as well as the surface on which the projection or drawing ultimately exists. When transforming the sketches into finished works, an abstract site rather than specific site – as is the case with many of the other works – was conceived. As a result, these works respond to and are intended for any of a number of white cube galleries around the world. 253.jpg
no. 275 254.jpg
no. 276 255.jpg
no. 277 256.jpg
no. 278 257.jpg
no. 279