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Work no. 355 proposes 17 businesses to be located in vacant storefronts and lots along the Kedzie Avenue Corridor in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. The businesses that proposed are intended to create an ecology that serves a wide range of needs of local community members. In doing so, I have not let strictly pragmatic concerns dictate the businesses that are proposed. In many cases, the business takes on a degree of whimsy that might allow the imagination to expand. My hope is that ultimately these proposals will help those with the means to invest in the area to imagine a wider range of possibilities than is currently prevalent. Through such imagination it might be possible to create a dynamic street that will anchor the community and serve as a catalyst for broader development. In making the images of the new businesses, I have collaged images of past and present examples if similar businesses with images of the site at which the business will be located. These collages are structured by an outline of a hypothetical architecture that might house the business. Businesses - Collage 1_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 2 and 15_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 3 and 8 - 071315_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 4_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 5_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 6_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 7_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 9_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 10_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 11.jpg Businesses - Collage 12_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 13_Compressed.jpg Businesses - Collage 14.jpg Businesses - Collage 16.jpg Businesses - Collage 17_Compressed.jpg