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no. 368-378

Site: The United States, Syria, and Iran
Medium: acrylic, graphite, conte, sand, and photographic prints on paper
Size: 22"x30"
Date: September 2018
Description: In order to support writing Conscious / Eternal, I collected a wide range of images of the various spaces through which the characters passed. These works are an attempt to combine those spaces into a new space through the practice of drawing and painting. By introducing a geometry unique to the media, I have created a new territory that challenges the space captured in the images in hopes of escaping those spaces and finding a new liberated territory to inhabit. The result, hopefully, captures the wonder that inspires us to continue through difficult times and places. 368.jpg 369.jpg 370.jpg 371.jpg 372.jpg 373.jpg 374.jpg 375.jpg 376.jpg 377.jpg 378.jpg