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no. 12-27

Site: A collection of the New York Times, a box of objects collected over many years, and a set of 7 blank panels that together form a space of memory somewhere in-between the personal and the collective
Medium: archival inkjet print on paper, 144" x 72"
Date: Spring 2012
Description: This work, which also is refered to as "collective dis illusion" brings together a number of images and objects in order to create a space of memory that is made visable through the act of creating lists, writing descriptions, fixing objects in a specific relationship, photographing, and collaging. The work includes a book, a set of panels, and a set of large format prints. The objects collaged range in personal signifance, exploring how one's own collection of meaningful objects and images mingle with those meaningful to a broad group of people in order to form a unique image of how one fits within the broader image of the world. 20.jpg
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